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NIOS 12 Solved Assignments 2018-19 TMA PDF Download

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Hi Students, welcome to examaffairstoday, I hope you all are well and doing great. As NIOS has issued new set of assignments for the session of 2018-19 it is necessary for all the students who took admission in session 2018-19 to submit the new assignments before the last date. But it is helpful for students if they get some reference material for the completion of assignments as sometimes it's hard to finish the nios assignments by own. So if you were in search of nios 12 solved assignments 2018-19 session then you are at right place. Here I will provide you all subjects 12 solved TMA for 2018-19 solution which you can use as a reference material. 

How to Prepare Answer Script for TMAs?
You are required to complete the assignment in your own handwriting in the chosen subjects only. Use one sided lined paper to prepare answer script for TMAs and submit them to your teacher at your Study Centre (AI).

The Format of TMA 
  • You will notice that TMA is for 20 marks. Questions 1, 2 and 3, comprise of short answer questions. Each question has two choices of which you have to attempt only one i.e. 2+2+2= 6 marks. Questions 1, 2 and 3 will thus cover 6 marks. 
  • Question nunmber 4 and 5 are long answer questions of 4 marks each. You have to answer only one question out of the two given. Thus, questions 4 and 5 are for 8 marks (4+4=8). 
  • Question no. 6 gives you two projects of which you have to attempt only one. This question will be for 6 marks. The guidelines for each project work are given along with the topic set.
The submission of TMAs 
The schedule for submission of the Senior Secondary Course TMAs at AIs for both admission block are given below:

  1. Answers are accurate and to the point.
  2. Answers are in English(Students who have chosen Hindi medium can also submit assignments in english).
  3. Answer files are in PDF format.
  4. You can ask for help directly by chat window or contact form available on site.


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