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Hello Readers, Welcome to Examaffairstoday, Today's Post is very important for NIOS DELED PDPET 6 months Bridge course teachers. All of the teachers were eagerly waiting for the study materials so that they can start their study. So here's a good news for all those teachers, NIOS has finally made available the Study materials for NIOS DELED Bridge course teachers.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has published the soft copy of Syllabus and course material of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) ODL 6 Months Bridge Course (PDPET) teacher training course for In-service B.Ed holder primary School teacher in all over the country. NIOS has already announced the 6 months of bridge course for B.Ed. holder teachers. The related teachers can download the full study material in pdf format by visiting the official site of NIOS.

Syllabus of NIOS 6 Months Bridge Course (PDPET)
  • Courses (Theory)
  1. Elementary Education : Context, Concerns & Challenges (521)
  2. Understanding Elementary School Child (522)
  3. Curriculum & Teaching Learning Process (523)
  4. Pedagogy of Elementary School Subject (524)
  • Courses (Practical) 
  1. School – Based Activities (SBA) (525)
  2. Workshop – Based Activities (WBA) (526)
  3. Practice Teaching (PT) (526)

NIOS Bridge Course Details 2017-2018

  1. Course Name: Six Month Bridge Course 
  2. Organisation: NIOS and SWAYAM 
  3. Official Site: 
  4. Course Fee: Rs. 5000/- 
  5. Who can Apply: Only B.Ed Holder Primary School Teacher 

Download NIOS DELED PDPET Bridge Course Study Material
Steps to download:
  1. First click the link given here: DOWNLOAD PDPET STUDY MATERIAL 
  2. On Login Page, enter our details- Reference No., Enrolment No., Mobile No., Aadhar No.
  3. Click the Login button
  4. Now on the page opened, Check your details like Name, Enroll. No.
  5. From there click on the language of Study Material you want to download
  6. Your file will start downloading.

Important Note :
  1. The official Website for NIOS-PDPET (Bridge course) is only. Do not become the victim of fake Website and fake people.
  2. All the updated information, notification etc. is placed only on the official Website for NIOS-PDPET (Bridge course) i.e only.
  3. The study material as well as assignment can be downloaded only by the registered teachers for PDPET.
  4. Teachers have to provide all the above mentioned information then only they can download the study material as well as assignment.
  5. All the Registered Teachers are requested not to accept any VPP as NIOS never sends any VPP. The printed material along with DVD will be sent BY NIOS through EPP.
  6. Only the Downloaded Material as well as the material sent by NIOS are authentic .
  7. No cash transaction should be done.
  8. Do not share the downloaded study material and assignment with anyone.
  9. Do NOT PAY ANYTHING to ANYONE as all the cost except for examination fees is included in the Admission Fees
  10. There is no payment for the PCP, submission of the assignment, kindly DO NOT PAY anything to any person at the Study centre. If any person demands any money then complain to the NIOS Authorities.
  11. महत्वपूर्ण लेख:

    1. एनआईओएस-पीडीपीईटी (ब्रिज कोर्स) के लिए आधिकारिक वेबसाइट केवल है। नकली वेबसाइट और नकली लोगों का शिकार न बनें।
    2. सभी अद्यतन सूचना, अधिसूचना इत्यादि केवल एनआईओएस-पीडीपीईटी (ब्रिज कोर्स) i.e के लिए आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर रखी गई है ।
    3. अध्ययन सामग्री के साथ-साथ असाइनमेंट केवल पीडीपीईटी के लिए पंजीकृत शिक्षकों द्वारा डाउनलोड किया जा सकता है।
    4. शिक्षकों को उपरोक्त सभी सूचनाएं प्रदान करनी होंगी, केवल तभी वे अध्ययन सामग्री के साथ ही असाइनमेंट डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं।
    5. सभी पंजीकृत शिक्षकों से अनुरोध है कि वे किसी भी वीपीपी को स्वीकार न करें क्योंकि एनआईओएस कभी भी वीपीपी नहीं भेजता है। डीवीडी के साथ मुद्रित सामग्री ईपीपी के माध्यम से एनआईओएस द्वारा भेजी जाएगी।
    6. केवल डाउनलोड की गई सामग्री के साथ ही एनआईओएस द्वारा भेजी गई सामग्री प्रामाणिक है
    7. कोई नकद लेनदेन नहीं किया जाना चाहिए।
    8. किसी के साथ डाउनलोड की गई अध्ययन सामग्री और असाइनमेंट साझा न करें।
    9. किसी को भी भुगतान न करें क्योंकि परीक्षा शुल्क को छोड़ सभी लागत शामिल है।
    10. पीसीपी के लिए, असाइनमेंट जमा करने के लिए कोई भुगतान नहीं करना है, , कृपया अध्ययन केंद्र में किसी भी व्यक्ति को कुछ भी भुगतान न करें। यदि कोई व्यक्ति किसी भी पैसे की मांग करता है तो एनआईओएस प्राधिकारी से शिकायत करें

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