NIOS Class 12 Quick Revision Notes and Solved Sample Papers

Hello readers, welcome to examaffairstoday, this post is very useful for the NIOS senior secondary (12th) class students who are preparing for upcoming NIOS 12th class board exams. Here we will provide you study material for the preparation of exams in various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Business studies, Economics and so on... The study material will consist of Solved sample papers, Solved previous year papers, Quick revision notes and Solved question bank which are very useful for fast and proper preparation of board exams. 

When NIOS conduct examination for Senior Secondary?
NIOS conducts its Board Examination's under Stream I in April and for October Examinations. Also it conducts examination on monthly basis too which is known as On Demand Examination (ODE).

Why would you need these study materials?
Well we all know, to cope with these examinations we always need some supportive study material which can help us to sharp our brain to focus more on Board examinations. An Additional study books or revision notes , sample paper are priority of a student.

What's special about it?
These study material have been compiled in PDF format. Keeping in mind the fact that students need to revise or practice questions chapter wise , we have compiled each file separately so that anyone can take print out of only required topic or notes.

First here we are providing you quick revision notes for NIOS class 12th exams. These notes are specially made for a quick review of the whole book within few hours which are very useful for a night before exams or for few hours before exams and you don't have much time to read whole book and important points are more useful in such scenario. Notes will be provided for all major subjects.

Features of book:
1. Covering all units of book.
2. Covering all basic points important from exam point of view.
3. No lengthy and unnecessary notes.
4. It will provide a quick overview of basics which are necessary while writing answers.
5. File is in PDF format
6. Take printout or read in your Phone.


Download NIOS Class 12th Important Question Bank by clicking the links below.

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